Admiral Gorrn
Race: Midorian
Gender Male
Demeanor: Friendly
Location Norfoo

Gorrn is Admiral of the Midorian Central Fleet.


Depending on player choices, Gorrn will first be met either near the Moon (if Princess Saark is sold to the Antorians) or Norfoo (if Princess Saark was saved). At the Moon, Gorrn admonishes the player for betraying the the Midorians and attacks the player's ship. At Norfoo, Gorrn welcomes the player to Tarsus but warns that this may be the only warm reception the player will receive in the system.


Unlike most Midorians, who believe in peace, Gorrn embraces violence, and believes it is necessary in any dangerous situation. When Gorrn introduces you into the Tarsus System, he is calm and peaceful, describing the recent events and inhabitants of The Tarsus System. When he warns the player that "his welcome would be the only warm reception", he says it in a more threatening matter.


  • Even if the player didn't meet Gorrn near the Earth's moon, when met in the Tarsus System he acts as if this is the player's second meeting with him.



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