Admiral Micari
Race: Human
Gender Male
Location Unknown

Admiral Micari is a human member of Star Command, who defected and made a new empire with the Antorians.


Admiral Micari is in command of the Star Command fleet from his flagship, the Olympus.

Admiral Micari, during the beginning of the game, was the leader of the organisation, Star Command. His main role in the game during the beginning was to provide you with missions and sometimes information. However, he is quick to assume you fired at the Proteus, and engages you in combat. You are given 4 minutes to survive the deadly attacks from the Olympus. Afterwards, you are forced to travel to Tarsus

When you return, you discover that Micari had joined the Antorians, and with Star Commands resources, committed genocide, destroying most of the Star Commands fleet. One notable survivor of the takeover was Admiral Weber, who tells you where Micari is. When you meet Micari, he is on board an advanced version of the Olympus, painted a kind of purple, with stronger shields and health. He is also on board with Kreebu.

Micari, and possibly Kreebu, escape in a Human Shuttle, when the advanced Olympus explodes.

Micari dies when his ship is destroyed over Antoria.


Micari is cunning and ambitious.  He is committed to increasing the military strength of Star Command and to preserving the future of humanity. Although he is sometimes a man of harsh means, Admiral Micari never hesitates to praise subordinates who perform well. However, as seen in the destruction of the Proteus, he is quick to assume.



The character is named after Kickstarter 'Fleet Admiral Level' backer, Anthony Micari.