Admiral Weber
Race: Human
Gender Male
Demeanor: Friendly
Location Saturn

Admiral Weber is a human member of Star Command.Admiral Weber assumes command of Star Command's fleet from his flagship, the Armstrong, after the battle at Uranus.


He is trustworthy as shown when he still trusts the player after they were blamed for destroying the Proteus. He is also seen to be responsible after assuming control of Star Command


After the incident at Neptune, Star Command suspects the player of treachery but Admiral Weber continues to believe the player is not associated with the traitors; he later assures the player that (s)he still has "friends in this fleet."


  • The character is named after Kickstarter 'Fleet Admiral Level' backer, Luke Weber.
  • When the player joins Weber at Saturn, he refers to himself as 'Commander Weber' despite having previously stated his rank as 'admiral' when announcing his assumption of command of Star Command.  It is possible that, due to heavy losses incurred during the Antorian ambush, Commander Weber was the highest-ranking officer left available and accepted a 'brevet' promotion to the rank of admiral in order to lead the fleet in Admiral Micari's absence. If this were the case, his mistake could be attributed to the newness of his position.