Commander Warrior Kreebu
Race: Antorian
Gender Male
Demeanor: Hostile
Location Venus

Commander Warrior Kreebu is an Antorian encountered by the player after meeting a disabled Midorian vessel near Venus.


The player is sent to investigate a high energy signature near Venus and discovers a Midorian ship disabled after being fired upon by an Antorian battleship.  During rescue operations, the Antorian ship, commanded by Kreebu, returns and demands that Princess Saark, previously brought aboard the player's ship, be turned over to the Antorians in exchange for four tokens.


Kreebu is boastful, ambitious, demanding, and hostile. He refers to humans as "monkey-men"


Kreebu has strong armour, greater than that of Gant. He also has four arms.


Every Antorionthat captains a ship except for Warrior Captain Gant appears exactly the same even there bridge.


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