The various opponent ships of the Star Command universe use several different weapon systems. The known weapons are listed below,


This attack is the most commonly used weapon of opposing starships. When this attack is used, the opponent fires a single missile at your ship, which without a shield will explode on contact with your ship and cause moderate fires aboard you ship

Examples of ships with this weapon are: Gant's ship, Russian Cosmonaut

Multi Missle

Despite the similar name, the "Multi Missile" is very diffrent from its counterpart. This attack launches several miniature missiles, all hitting diffrent areas of your ship, all causing small fire damage in multiple rooms

Examples of ships with this weapon are: Avarian Starship

Laser Blast

This attack is used only on powerful ships like Battlecruisers. As the name suggests, this is a giant green/red laser. The target scopes make a line, so it can take out hull walls, if the ship is unshielded

Examples of ships with this weapon is: Evil Human Star Command Flagship, GROL ship.

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