Star Command DATABASE

Star Command Database was created on 8/8/2012. Star Command Database is here to prepare you for your voyage with all the most up to date information at your disposal. Every known race, ship type, room type, it's all here folks. Help us become more complete and contribute missing data to our archives.

Note that the game is not yet released and information on this site may be based on speculation as well as being subject to change at the developer's slightest whim!

What Is Star Command?

Build your ship, manage your crew, explore the universe. Star Command takes you across the galaxy to discover alien life, engage in epic battles and discover the mysteries of deep space. Star Command is a game that was successfully funded on kickstarter twice( one for android and iphone ,one for pc and mac ). This game is not yet released with a proposed mobile release late summer and pc/mac after the dust has settled , although assuring a certain level of quality upon release takes presidence.

Globe2Flask2Factory2Atom2Crew2 $99 Articles

Poll Dog

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Which room gets priority for your ship?

The poll was created at 06:18 on August 10, 2012, and so far 263 people voted.

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