Princess Saark
Race: Midorian
Gender Female
Demeanor: Friendly
Location Player Ship or Norfoo

The daughter of the Midorian King, Princess Saark is a Midorian who offers her skill in science to serve Star Command.


Princess Saark appears on The Captain's first visit to Venus. Once aboard, she joins your crew and can be assigned to any room The Captain has built. After Princess Saark introduces herself, an Antorian Dreadnought hails you and, after a quick conversation, engages you in battle. However, she can be sold to the Antorians and the battle will be avoided.

Upon being accused of treason by Admiral Micari , Princess Saark suggests that The Captain should head to Tarsus, the Midorian home system.


Princess Saark flees from her royal duties to pursue a life of freedom and inadvertently endangers the tribe of Midorians she travels with when the Antorians pursue her.  She volunteers to remain on the player's ship in an effort to avoid further risk for her companions.


  • If Princess Saark dies, you recieve an automatic game over.
  • Joins crew with pretrained skills of varying levels.