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Star Command ships' crew gain special skills upon reaching level 10 in their assigned division (Tactical/Science/Engineering).  Additional skills are earned in ten-level increments, currently limited to level 30.

These skills provide additional capability for a brief period but must recharge before being used again.

Players may seelct from availble skills in each character's 'Details' page (only skills from the character's current assignment may be used).

Tactical Skills

Level 10: Triple Range (Triple range for 20 seconds)

"Remember that scene in A Christmas Story where the kid almost shoots his eye out? Anyways, this skill gives you 3x range." — In-game Description

Level 20: Invulnerability (Invulnerability for 20 seconds)

"20 seconds! Invulnerability! Just don't be in front of a speeding hot plasmatic round at the 19th second." — In-game Description

Level 30: Rapid Fire (300% fire rate for 7 seconds)

"All young tactical crew members dream of growing up to become rapid-fire crew members. Grant that wish Captain." — In-game Description

Science Skills

Level 10: Triple Range (Triple heal range for 30 seconds)

"It's like that scene in The Grinch with his heart growing... Oh, childhood, we miss thee so." — In-game Description

Level 20: Double Walk Speed (Double movement for 30 seconds)

"Get your butt in gear by doubling your movement speed for 10 seconds. *Results for your butt may vary." — In-game Description

Level 30: Instantly Heal Area (Heal area instantly)

"Instant! Seriously, like no time passing between injured and fully healed. None, ok, fine, one CPU cycle delay." — In-game Description

Engineering Skills

Level 10: Triple Range (Triple repair range for 20 seconds)

"It's a lot like fixing a clock with a pole vault: triple range baby! (Best analogy we could think of)" — In-game Description

Level 20: Double Walk Speed (Double movement for 30 seconds)

"It is like walking as an intergalactic New Yorker in an intergalactic midwest city! Outta my way punk!" — In-game Description

Level 30: Instant Repair (Repair area instantly)

"Imagine if your first space car had this! Highschool would've sucked a lot less!" — In-game Description

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