Personality: Warriors
Homeworld: Seltix
Demeanor: Hostile
Special Ability: None


The Vocar are a vicious race who believe in the purity of their species. Mortal enemies with the Midorians, the Vocar travel the galaxy purging it of "lesser beings."


  • Players encounter a Vocar ship near Seltix.
  • Known military ranks for the Vocar are limited to "Grand Inquisitor" at this time.

Notable Vocar


  • "S'caron balisk" is the Vocar greeting of peace.
  • The Vocar consider the Midorians their mortal enemies, referring to them as 'scum,' 'vermin,' 'traitors,' and 'cowards.'  This ire is extended even to allies of the Midorians, who the Vocar consider "unworthy of further existence." It is unknown at this time what "crimes" against the Vocar provoked this reaction against the Midorians.

Fan Art


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