Warrior Captain Gant
Race: Antorian
Gender Male
Demeanor: Hostile
Location Mercury

Warrior Captain Gant is an Antorian encountered by the player early in the game.


The player is sent to investigate a distress call from a Star Command mining vessel near Mercury. Upon arrival, the wreckage of the mining ship is discovered along with an Antorian scout ship commanded by Gant. Gant's crew is preparing to dine on the bodies of the dead mining ship crew when interrupted by the player.


Gant is openly hostile, referring to humans as "more uglies than we ever thinks" and "dumb hairless apes."


Gant appears is a standard (two-armed) Antorian and is referred to later by Kreebu as a 'weak ant.'


Warrior Captain Gant is named after a small winged bug.


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